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Festival of Lights

Our city, as well as our church, are celebrating their 150th anniversary this year. So we decided to make a float to participate in the city's Festival of Lights parade. Here are a few of the highlights. Our float was based on our church, so we have our bell tower and the arches, and we are completely back in time in our costumes. In the truck are "Joseph", "Mary" and their very real baby who just loved the whole thing.

The rest of us were in our "old time" clothes. Bonnets, top hats, etc. Costumes and all. And lights. Lots and lots of lights.

The lights are, of course, the point. Light in the darkness and just getting out and enjoying ourselves. Lighting up the night with hope and joy, seeing children out enjoying a parade, waiting for Santa who comes at the end of the parade. Just lots of people having fun! I guess we have realized how quickly everything can shut down again so we may as well enjoy ourselves while we can.

It is cold and dark out these days, so find your light.


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