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Here We Go Again

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

So, K went back to school. They managed to squeeze in the the actual NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) induction ceremony! An actual, in person ceremony. Yes, we all sat on individual bleachers in a large fieldhouse. Yes, there were only about 60 kids being inducted (3 different groups of kids),. Yes, we were all in masks. But an actual in person ceremony!!!!!

Look at how happy she is! Such excitement!

That night we had our high school meeting. More excitement! Like almost normal stuff. But alas, it was short lived, as during the meeting we received an email that school would be remote again for 2 weeks. I am so glad I have older children, she handles all her own schoolwork, I just make sure the wifi is working.

In the meantime, I have dyeing some more sock blanks. I did some Bronco sock blanks. Patrick wanted me to keep it, but I promised to do some more for him.

That is a double knit sock blank - so perfect for matching Two at a Time Socks!

And even beyond football season - yes, Christmas socks!!! I'll be listing these with my Christmas in July sale.

And lastly, because I am a proud mama - K had her choir banquet today. Again, an in person activity. We all had our own table, and it was catered, and t was so nice just to see everyone and see the high school seniors enjoy their moment. So much has been taken from us this past year, it was just great to get to say "Great Job" and "Thank you" because they all have worked so hard in choir and bells over the years.

I hope you all are doing well. Starting to kind of get back to normal. Or new normal. Or pretend normal. Whatever you are doing, I salute you, for grinding it out during these times, and hold on, we are going to get there. Wherever there is.


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