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Homes and Appliances

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

We have lived in our home for a long time. Nearly 30 years at this point, something most people can't imagine. Honestly, we didn't think we would be here 30 years either, but yet, here we are. I can't imagine living anywhere else now. I know every creak, every sound, I can walk around in the dark and know exactly where I am. I know when the birds will return in my feeders in the spring, and I expect the juncos on the first snow of the winter. I hear my owls in the early morning of January in my cottonwood trees, calling to each other. Home represents security, it is home, full of love and memories. Sometimes, I think homes soaks up the essence of the people who live there - as if it has feelings. I know, kinda silly, but we once rented a house where something bad had happened (unknown to me), and it had bad vibes, unhappy mojo, dark feelings. It was no good. Here is a bit of our house behind Hubby, accompanied by Ophir, on the first day of school this year.

This brings me to our current home, a typical 70s tri level home. It has always had its quirks, like the mid level is cold and the other levels are fine. And it is getting to the age where things need repairing - not only in the house, but the appliances we have bought. So far in the last 18 months or so, we have replaced a toilet, replaced a leaking bathtub faucet, fixed some sagging gutters, had some furnace thing done, etc. But within the last month we have had - a broken bedroom window, broken oven panel door, and lastly and most recently, the washing machine. We bought the washer at Montgomery Wards (really - for those who have never heard of Montgomery Wards, look it up, it was once the place to shop). Anyway, the other day as it was running its daily load, it started pouring smoke out from underneath it. And that was that, no more washing machine. Sadness, this thing has lasted and lasted, what a workhorse. The brand is no more, and now they claim appliances are suppose to last 8 years. Nice, please don't tell me we have gotten stupider about building appliances, instead someone has gotten smarter about capitalism, or scamming us. I mean, if your appliance lasts 30 years, chances are you will only need two in your lifetime, but at 8 years a pop, you will need 7. Whatever, can you tell I am sad and grumpy about this? I am.

If you have every watched the show, The Middle, you will know what I am talking about. Honestly, it was pretty much my life, and it always cracked me up. One running theme throughout the shows is their washing machine, which they are holding together with duct tape, and sometimes it only works if the microwave is on, etc. Money is always tight, and they are always just making it - they are stuck in The Middle. Every time they get some extra money, it always ends up going to a car repair, or a home repair, orthodontics, or something. Anyway, that is pretty much the situation here. We are in the Middle, not a bad place to be, but something is always going to break or need fixing or replacing. The car is always going to need a new whatchamacalit, and just when you think you are finally going to get ahead, something will come up. Blessed though to be in the Middle.

So, next week the new washer comes. Wednesday we will be getting a second estimate on the window. We fixed the oven door ourselves - 1 out of 3 isn't bad. The oil was changed recently, they didn't say any major repair was looming.

But let's not talk about the refrigerator. It has a big birthday coming up.........


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