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I Can Feel It in the Air!

I certainly can feel it in the air this morning. Can you? Is it happening where you are? AUTUMN! I don't need Starbucks to start selling Pumpkin drinks to know when Fall is coming. I can see it, I can feel it, I can even hear it.

See those leaves up there? They are turning yellow. And this morning? It is only 45 F out. It is quite crisp and cool. My bedroom was so cold this morning! It made it one of those mornings where you could sleep and sleep because it is so cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, I could not sleep and sleep, as we have stuff to do today. It is going to be a great day with a high temp of 75 today, just perfect for a Fall day.

The wind last night was so fierce. It was blowing through the house so loudly. The wind slammed K's door closed, which woke us all up. It felt like Mother Nature was blowing Summer out the door, and letting Fall step in. I know we will have some more very, very hot days before Fall is permanently here, but for now, I am happy now to open the door to it and put out the welcome mat. It feels great!


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