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Just a Minute to Catch Up

Well, the world has continued turning, and I am trying hard to catch up. I have been dyeing, and knitting, ripping back the socks again, and trying to keep up with all the other stuff.

So just a quick drop off here of some yarns I listed last week. I currently only have one of the St. Patrick's Day Green yarn below left. I will be dyeing up some more of next week.

I also have this Leprechaun's Gold. Just a bit of gold and green.

Lots more yarn, but I'll just show you this last one, Sunset Sugar. which both of my sons helped to name.

This month is my daughter's birthday, so in honor of her, my purple yarn is all 10% off this week. Next week, she may choose a different color to celebrate. Honestly, I have lots of yarns with purple, so lots of yarns are on sale.

Until then - Enjoy!

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