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Looks Pretty Good

As I have mentioned in previous posts, getting an actual black color yarn has alluded me so far. So far. But the other day I did up a mini skein all by its little self and tada.....drum roll please.

Look at that. It is actually black. I am so happy. I know why....but that is now my dyer's secret.

As a reminder, here is my last attempt at black.

I think the difference is obvious. It is a different type of yarn as well, which is part of it. But part of it is something else. Something secret.

Today, I dyed some more of my Tie Dye Twosome, which had sold out. Once it is dried and reskeined, I'll be listing it. As well as some others I have been working on this week. It has been a bit crazy with trying to get K back into school, making sure she is staying on top of her work, trying to do the house stuff, L's college stuff is literally changing by the day, trying to start a business, and I am feeling pretty stressed.

I also played "buy the undyed yarn" today online at one of the yarn providers. Due to covid, everything is delayed coming to them, so we are all trying for the yarn at one time as they get their shipments. I did pretty good, although I did not actually get exactly what I wanted, I am satisfied.

I hope everyone is staying safe and has a chance this upcoming week to see the new products in my Etsy store.


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