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My Day

I called this post My Day, because once everyone left, it has been totally My Day. The kids went with their dad and my dad on a hike, maybe a little fishing, just a day to enjoy the mountains. I decided to stay home and make it My Day.

I dyed some yarn this morning, it has not worked out. But that is ok, because it is My Day and that part of the day didn't go so well. I was going for a teal and black, but the black migrated all over and took over, so it is black. I'll be interested to see what it looks like dry.

I took a couple of pictures of yesterday's yarn. A kiss of sunshine....

The magenta is much redder than we wanted, but it still looks really cool (or hot actually!).

This afternoon I am going to work on my sock patter....maybe even nap....but don't tell anyone.


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