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New Stuff

I was pretty busy this week with dyeing yarns and so forth. I would say we are getting use to our new normal. Any of the pictures below will take you directly to my Etsy shop.

I also created this really gorgeous yarn, I called it Cherry Cola Blast. A couple of summers ago we went to an real soda fountain in Independence, Missouri. It was so fun to watch them make your soda - the color slowly swirls into the carbonated water - and that is exactly how I felt watching the creation of this yarn. The colors slowly swirly around and creating something delightful!

I have been working on some Christmas sock yarn as well. Red and Green or Green and Red - I like the idea of a mini skein for the heels and the main skein for the main color. I'll probably be doing that for some other colors as well.

I have missed blogging the past few days, I'll be updating more frequently, especially as the weather cools off more. I hope everyone has a blessed week!


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