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New Year and All That Goes With It

It is a new year. I think we are all a little wary about what that means. Nothing miraculously changes, just a few more laws, different tax rules probably, and people who still write checks need to remember to write 2022.

It is time for resolutions, or as I prefer to call them - goals. I have goals for the year. I have plans for the year. I have plans on how to accomplish those goals. All kinds of plans and all kinds of goals. One thing I definitely learned through the past few years is that all the plans and all the goals and everything can change pretty quickly.

Like so many, I am going to eat better and exercise more, except not today, because it snowed and it is cold. I am going to clear out stuff but not today because that is bad luck or somebody dies or something if you clean on New Year's Day (instead you should clean New Year's Eve, so you are ready to welcome the new year. We spent a bit of time remembering the past while looking to the future. L is leaving soon for Ireland!

It was the perfect day for spending inside. We finally got some snow and it was cold as could be outside.

I do have a few things I'd like to do knitting and spinning wise this year. Mostly do more of both. I don't think I used my wheel at all this past year!!!! Of course, starting a yarn dyeing business does take a bit of time. For Christmas, I got a new book from my husband, The Knitter's Book of Socks, which goes into yarn choices for socks, and constructions, and just pretty in-depth about the art of knitting socks.

I have family goals - like more genealogy and visiting and revisitng more graves. I'd like to hike more. I'd like K to cook me more dinners. Get together with friends more often. Lots of goals, lots of plans. Let's all hope we have the opportunity to go for those goals, keep those plans.

I wish everyone a peaceful new year. Let's all just be kind to one another this year.


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