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Power Down!

I was going to make a blog post last night, but we lost power for quite a while.

It was just about dusk when everything went quiet. No fans, no television, no hummm of lights or computers. It was just quiet for a bit. A neighbor had some guests over, so they came outside. We went outside. More neighbors ventured outside. Someone played some music. K twirled her baton. Another child jumped on a Pogo stick (remember those?) - he did pretty good. Others rode their bikes and scooters. Teens showed off their dance moves, their younger siblings tried out their own moves too. That cool evening breeze came through. And the tension of another hot, corona week blew away. People laughed and talked. Time slowed down some. And it was nice. Really nice.

After a while, the power came back on, and people drifted back into their boxes (aka houses). Back to their reality shows. Back to the news. Back to talking to their friends online. Back to Fortnite or whatever the latest game is.

But for a while, we stepped back into that simpler time. A time I remember from my own childhood. A time before reality shows existed. A time that if you missed the news at 5, you weren't going to see it until 10, if you managed to stay awake. If you missed it then, you would have to wait and catch up with the morning paper. A time when you waited weeks to hear from your long distance friends and relatives, or spent a small fortune calling them! A time when fortnite meant two weeks, not a video game complete with its own dance moves.

And it was nice. Really nice to get into that time machine.

So Power Down everyone, and Enjoy!

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