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Road Trip 2021

We finally got to go on a road trip! WooHoo!

Last year was a big birthday for me. And of course, last year we had this worldwide pandemic, so we did not really get to have a Big celebration. So, I finally got my birthday trip in this year. We hit the road to Arkansas. And we had a great time.

We started out by stopping in Burlington Colorado and riding the Kit Carson Carousel. It is made of wood, and the woodwork is amazing! One of less than 150 left out of the approximately 2000 made. It only cost 25 cents to ride the carousel, and a dollar for the museum. And they were so kind and knowledgeable.

Above we are in front of the carousel, the nice lady took our photo.

And here L is on the giraffe. Perfect for him, since he is so tall. Notice the amazing wood work and detail on the animals and up above.

And I just thought the lion with the cherubs on the saddle were cool. The animals have real horsehair tails - well, not all of them - lol!

Onwards, we spent the night in Tulsa and then went onto our final destination.

We stayed at this cute fishing lodge place, right along the White River. We got to do all the things (except Shepherd of the Hills due to rain). We got to fish, we swam, we saw lightening bugs, cardinals, muskrat, and deer (so many deer). Lots of gorgeous sites and birds. The steam rises off the the White River, giving it a mystical look at times. We even rented a pontoon boat and tube.

He had much more fun than it appears in that picture. I can't tell you how hard I laughed while being pulled along. The water was so warm - about 85 degrees. You will never have water that warm in Colorado unless you are in a hot spring! Just felt so good to be in the water. The afternoon at the swim beach was perfect too. Floating with our mats and rings, not too sunny, just the right weather.

A last collage picture of Arkansas. Next blog - Cole Camp, Missouri.


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