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Spring Planting and Planning

Spring finally appears to be here. I was super excited to get planting, and bought some starter plants over the weekend. We'll try to keep track of the garden's growth throughout the spring and summer.

I plan on getting another tomato plant and a tomatillo plant. And more peppers, there are only two planted so far. Several zuchinnis have started but I still need atleast one yellow squash. Husband always tries to grow a pumpkin, the problem always is they are ready in August!

I'll also plant green bean seeds. I am waiting for some lettuce seeds to come up - but definitely planted red leaf lettuce to hedge my bets. You can see the onion back there, it keeps coming back each year, which is great! We really like green onion.

Of course, lots of beautiful yarn still being created. Like this Sugar Sun laceweight - 25% mulberry silk so super soft.

And more sock blanks are available, such fun to knit or crochet with, just seeing the colors roll off the blank and onto your project.

K is off to the southern part of the state for her track meet tomorrow - where the temps are suppose to top out around 96 F - so you know, I guess that is in exchange for all the 40 F ones. One extreme or the other. Speaking of weather, I am missing some rain for my yard and garden, if you have any to spare send it to the west please, we miss it.


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