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I hope all of you had a nice Thanksgiving this year. I realize we must take advantage of the windows of time we are given to spend time together and make the most of it. In November of 2019, we all thought we were about to continue as normal, and then we weren't continuing as normal by March. That is how quickly it happens, one minute it is all good, the next everything is turned upside down.

So I am very thankful we got to spend Thanksgiving with my parents. Two of my children were able to come as well. My parents have a beautiful home and set a wonderful table for us. We try to help, but honestly they have it under control, we barely are able to assist.

And I am so thankful to have such lovely children and husband. They put up with me and my $2 Christmas tree. I think I have told the story, if not then quickly, 30+ years ago I bought a box of Christmas stuff at a garage sale, including a Christmas tree. A "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree. And at one point or another, each of the kids (and Patrick) have asked why we still have this tree, why not get a new one?

It starts out like this.

But it ends up so perfect.

Each one of the ornaments has a story, has a meaning - old ones, Santa ones, Broncos ones, religious ones, all of them. Each one is important and beautiful, whether they are shiny and new or old and bit rough around the edge. Just like all of us.


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