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The Eagle has landed

Well, more like my little eaglet has landed in Ireland. He left DIA on Sunday and got to his dorm safe and sound.

That was him before he left. I am so proud of him, he has dreamed of going to school in Ireland for a long time.

I finally got back to dyeing regularly last week. And am already at it this week. Here is a bit of what has been cooking up.

The one directly above is a merino/silk sock weight yarn. I am excited to see it when it finishes drying, it is brighter than this picture indicates.

And more Daybreak Sugar, this one is a DK weight, all squeezably soft Merino Wool.

Also been busy sending out some great skeins of yarn. Like this little group of mini sock skeins.

I find things are finally getting back to normal, however that looks these days. Back to dyeing, listing and taking pictures of the yarn , driving K all over, and everything else in between, it feels good to have things back on calm footing.


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