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The Winter Holidays Are Coming

And isn't it exciting? Well, maybe it will be exciting. Who knows? Everything is changing week to week. All I know is that I am tucked away in my house, I have lots of food, lots of toilet paper, and lots of yarn. I have good company, and next week L will be back home! What more could I want? Food, family, and knitting!

My newest sock yarn, Rita's Rose.

And some more Christmas yarn - it is so soft. 100% Superfine Merino - superfine means supersoft in my book! I called it a Touch of Christmas, a really cool variegated yarn.

And for all the Kings and Queens out there, I give you ...Kings and Queens. An awesome gold and purple variegated yarn, that comes with a solid mini skein. People like the mini skeins to make heels out of, so I am selling matching solid mini skeins.

I hope all of you are also staying tucked away safely with food, family, and yarn (or whatever hobby makes you smile).


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