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Trying and Dyeing

Last week, I had done some dyeing which I was not particularly happy with. I would show you, but even the pictures did not come out good. The color was totally off on the pictures the yarn had spots that I did not want. I am not sure why - the yarn is green, in the pictures at best it is teal, at worst, it is light blue.

So K and I decided to do some purple and teal today. We did 2 skeins where we applied the dye directly to the yarn.

And then we did 2 skeins using the sprinkle dye method. I love the way the dye spreads out when you spray it with the vinegar.

When you look closely, you can see the individual dye crystals - the purple is so cool, both red and blue little crystals.

And my helper is the best. She has a great eye for color and is super helpful.

We'll see how it turns out tomorrow. And hopefully I can take some great pictures that will really show how beautiful the colors turn out.

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