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Well Now it is July

Well here it is July. Time is just flying by, it always does in the summer.

The garden is growing well. We have already had some zuchinni and lettuce. The tomatoes are growing, lots of green tomatoes filling up the plants.

Beyond the vegetable garden, we decided to add a pond to the backyard. Years ago we had a pond, but it became difficult to take care of, so we got rid of it. Now we have decided to create a small pond in the backyard, mostly for the birds.

Of course, Bailey has to be in everything, so here she is in the picture.

And of course, I have new hand dyed yarns at my Etsy shop. I was super excited to have a new assistant helping out with my sock blank this week.

He picked the colors and did lots of work, it isn't as easy as one would think to hand paint a sock blank. It can be time consuming. And here are his results.

Keeping super busy. I'm really excited to be selling my hand dyed yarn at Roc Day in Pubelo West on Saturday, July 23. Feel free to stop by if you are in the area.


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