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What's Up?

Well, I suppose lots of stuff. Family Stuff and Yarn Stuff and Store Stuff.

First, K has been super busy, doing almost normal school stuff. She had a little band concert, for parents only, but it was in person. Please excuse the blur, as I was atop of some bleachers. Nonetheless, she is so talented and I admire her commitment to her violin.

And a track meet. Here she is getting ready to run.

And for Mother's Day, all of my family got me ......

What is that? Says anyone who doesn't knit or crochet - well, it is a ball winder. A very nice one. I have gone through 2 plastic ones, and while they were fine for their price, I needed sturdy, steady ball winder. My last ball winder was being held together with some duct tape. Below is a video of me using my new ball winder. Isn't it cool?

We are off to a graduation party today. Congrats to my dear nephew, A, who is graduating high school today. It has been a long, strange trip to get here for most high schoolers this year, but they made it, and we are so proud!!!!


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