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Wonderful Time of Year

It is that week between Christmas and the New Year. It makes you think about things - things in the past, things for the future. For us, it is finally relaxing, as the rush of Christmas is over and we haven't left our home on New Year's Eve since um......... 2000? Seriously, I do believe it has been that long. I think we have been to some children/family things on New Year's Eve since, followed with a balloon drop at 6:00 pm or something. The plans have not changed for this year.

We had a peaceful Christmas with visiting my parents on Christmas Eve. We continued the tradition of what we once called dupp in da - which I now know is dopp i grytta. (I did blog post

last year about this Swedish tradition.) I really do hope my children continue this tradition, I never knew as a child how much it meant, but now it really does say something. It says, this is me, this is where I come from, for 100s of years my ancestors did this, and now I too honor them and continue to dip in the pot with my loved ones, on one of the longest, darkest nights of year.

My daughter played some Christmas carols for us. My oldest son was thrilled I got them a new pillow (they will only have to put it out when I visit!).

In the ultimate act of waste and greed, the kids once again went crazy for the plastic ball wrap game. If you don't know what that is, you should check out YouTube. Below they are getting ready to unwrap the ball. The last calm moment.....

The morning is always fun and delicious. Husband made our breakfast and it was so yummy. So glad Sara Lee quit making her coffee cake that I use to have for Christmas morning, because this is like a million times better and much more filling. Possibly a million more calories.

That was followed up with some delicious lamb and duck that evening. We went all out with the food this year, we had lots of delicious leftovers too. I did manage to make that after Husband had done all the Christmas baking as usual. The kids went off on the 26th, so that night it was just Husband and I .....and all was peaceful, all through the house.

I hope that if you celebrate Christmas, your holiday was peaceful, safe, and calm.


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